We mitigate the complexity of KYC processing and make identification transparent and secure for operators and consumers. We offer end-to-end services for merchants of sensitive goods, gaming license holders and allow improved fraud prevention mechanics.

compliance, anti money laundering, responsible gaming, 18+

User identification service with flexible workflow for your business needs in the digital world. Fast and safe proof of personal data. High security standards and modern technologies driven by innovation and quality.

Configure your process according to your requirements – on the fly. We support different ID processes for online and offline businesses. Perfect for resellers of sensitive products.

Combine a variety of ID services in a flexible workflow management. Get intermediate and final check results of the services. Follow the progress in the user validation status. Conditional checks get performed grouped, in parallel and/or serialised in the workflow management.

user identification and KYC

  • integrates any ID process
  • free workflow definition, configured in less than 3 minutes
  • automatic frontend according to current workflow
  • individual css design
  • extremely lightweight technology
  • works on any website
  • data avoidance and data deletion after identification

compliance with high standards

Our customers define the ID process according to their license, the given legal frame and business requirements.